Episode #14 – Being a Pornstar

This week we took a more casual approach to the show and just had a conversation about what it’s like to be in the adult entertainment industry. What is it like to be a pornstar? I give some insight on the nitty gritty of a life in porn! feel...
Posted by MistreXXX | 12 Jun 2012 | MistreXXX Femdom Podcast | 1 Comment

Podcast Episode #14

Another great Mistrexxx Femdom podcast! This week we answer a bunch of questions from the community and as usual harp on some random tangents and have a generally great time doing it!
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Podcast Episode #13

Episode #13 of the MistreXXX.com femdom podcast is up! Great show with some great questions from our fans that spawned some great conversation about BDSM, general social/political opinions and some fun stories!
Posted by MistreXXX | 08 May 2012 | MistreXXX Femdom Podcast |

Podcast Episode #12

Episode #12 is packed with awesome topics ranging from talking about how violence in our society is celebrated while real sexuality is censored, as well as some great D/s BDSM relationship talk and advice
Posted by MistreXXX | 25 Apr 2012 | MistreXXX Femdom Podcast |

Mistress Talks to Cuckold

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Podcast Episode #11

We were extremely pleased to have Mistress Tara on the show again, and had a wonderful conversation! Talked about a bunch of Femdom amd BDSM related things, then took fan questions and had great perspectives from both Mistresses!
Posted by MistreXXX | 20 Apr 2012 | MistreXXX Femdom Podcast |

Femdom Podcast #10 – Guest: Mistress Tara

In my opinion, the best podcast episode we’ve done yet! Mistress Tara was our special guest tonight, and we were so very pleased to have her. We had a great conversation, did kind of an interview and Mistress Tara was even kind enough to call her 24/7 lifestyle slave...
Posted by MistreXXX | 02 Apr 2012 | MistreXXX Femdom Podcast |

Show This to Your Wife/GF!

one of the most common questions we get is “how do I get my wife into female domination?” or “how can I get my wife/girlfriend to dominate me?” – this video alongside a lot of conversation, and other articles would be a great idea. Just to show her some...
Posted by MistreXXX | 28 Mar 2012 | MistreXXX Videos |
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