Femdom Podcast #9

This femdom podcast was slightly different than normal…we kind of went on a few tangents and it turned out to be much more of a conversation between slave2.0 and myself, both going on some rants, laughing, talking about our jobs in the adult industry…it was a really good time,...
Posted by MistreXXX | 22 Mar 2012 | MistreXXX Femdom Podcast |

Teasing Chastity Blackmail

It’s good to be a Mistress I can dangle anything I damn well want in front of your little noses, and I always get what I want! It’s amazing! I wish more women knew just how pathetic and weak most men are. Thankfully not ALL of them are like...
Posted by MistreXXX | 16 Mar 2012 | MistreXXX Videos | 1 Comment

Femdom Podcast #8

Ahh this podcast was a lot of fun! We talked about some really great questions this week, and basically had a fun chat…these podcasts are really a treat to do every week and we really appreciate your comments and questions, so please keep them coming in
Posted by MistreXXX | 15 Mar 2012 | MistreXXX Femdom Podcast | 2 Comments

Femdom Podcast #7

Our weekly podcast continues! Sorry for the delayed upload to youtube, but of course you can always catch us live on ustream.tv (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mistrexxx – on Thursday nights!) – talk about some important topics regarding female domination/femdom and answer a bunch of fan questions! Enjoy, and please let us know...
Posted by MistreXXX | 11 Mar 2012 | MistreXXX Femdom Podcast |

Femdom Vlog #7

Some quick updates in regards to the site and blog!
Posted by MistreXXX | 09 Mar 2012 | MistreXXX Femdom Vlog | 1 Comment

Femdom Podcast #6

Another wonderful female domination podcast from Mistress Irony and Slave2.0! Some great initial topics followed up by fan questions which should appeal to newbies and experiences players as well! Enjoy!
Posted by MistreXXX | 09 Mar 2012 | MistreXXX Femdom Podcast | 1 Comment

Femdom Vlog #5

Another femdom vlog! This week I talk about deniability and how it can help you in your kink life
Posted by MistreXXX | 08 Mar 2012 | MistreXXX Femdom Vlog |

My Date Preparation!

There is nothing quite like preparing to go on a date. The thrill, the excitement, the unknowns…what will happen? What won’t happen? Will I play with his cock under the table? Oh, the possibilities! And what makes it all better? having a little dicked sissy watch me get ready....
Posted by MistreXXX | 08 Mar 2012 | MistreXXX Videos |
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